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Simply put, Goji berries are the most nutrient-dense, healthful food on the planet! The healing and preventive properties of the Goji have been known to Himilayan, Mongolian, and Chinese medicinal apothecaries for thousands of years. Only very recently has this super-healthful berry been discovered by Western science.

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Above all, I'm a scientific person. That is why I've subjected Goji Berries to my most extensive research to date. Yes, I see the people that get results, that are free from diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer and infertility. But the numbers are what make any of this real...

Here are the stats for Goji Berries and Goji Juice, as summarized by Wikipedia:

18 amino acids
11 essential and 22 trace dietary minerals
6 essential vitamins
8 polysaccarides and 6 monosaccharides
5 unsaturated fatty acids
includes lineoleic acid and alpha linoleic acid
beta-sitosterol and phytosterols
5 cartenoids (beta-carotene is one) zeaxanthin and lutein, lycopene, xanthophyll
Numerous phenols, antioxidants

And here are specific values for a few important nutrients, per 100 grams of dried berries:

112 mg Calcium (10% RDA)
1132 mg Potassium (24% RDA)
9 mg Iron (100% RDA)
2mg Zinc (18% RDA)
50 mcg Selenium (91% RDA)
1.3 mg Riboflavin (100% RDA)
29 mg Vitamin C (32% RDA)
7 mg Beta carotene
25 to 200 mg Zeaxanthin
31 grams Polysaccharides

Truly a stunning amount of highly useful constituents. Many of the components of these berries are anti-inflammatory, alkalinic, and anti-oxidant in nature.

I found one clinical trial with elderly patients where over two-thirds of participants experienced massive increases of T cell transformation and white cell interleukin-2. 95% of the participants showed increased appetite and better sleep.


Health discoveries in the last decade have been fairly revolutionary. There is a common theme that seems to permiate these discoveries: that if you can get the right nutrients into your body, it will do an AMAZING job of fighting off disease and remaining healthy.

One of these discoveries is the Acid/Alkaline balance of your body. It's been known for a VERY long time that terminal cancer patients almost universally have acidic blood. What was unknown was why, and if the acid was a result of the cancer, or a cause.

LOTS of research has been done lately on the relationship of your acid/alkaline balance and health. A solid conclusion is that Acidic blood is BAD. It leads to a whole host of health problems. It may very well be to blame in large measure for cancer and heart disease. And guess what... the Western diet is almost ridiculously engineered to produce acidity in the blood.

What produces a more alkaline reaction in the blood? You guessed it - a more vegetation-rich diet. Unprocessed natural foods tend to have an alkaline result on your body, with some very notable high-benefit foods: Chlorophyl-rich foods have a very alkaline effect on your body; so grass juices such as wheatgrass, barley, and other greens are really great. Raw nuts, especially almonds, are also very alkaline.

Want to guess which food has the MOST alkaline effect on your body?

Yep. Goji Berries.

They have 20 TIMES the alkaline effect on your blood that pure wheatgrass juice does!

Goji Berries also have 10 times the antioxidants of raisins and 20 times the antioxidants of spinach! 

Hello, my name is N. David Anderson. I'm a health researcher.

I've been researching health supplements and products for decades now. I've done so by carefully scrutinizing scientific data, and then performing trials. After all, data doesn't mean a whole lot unless it leads to results, right?

Over the years, I've tested the claims of numerous products. In just about every case, I've discovered that there was a scientific basis for the claims, but the hype surrounding a product far outstripped the actual health benefit of said product. Sure, you could see the results in clinical trials, but it took careful testing to make the results apparent.

This is NOT the case with Goji Berries! In my research and trials, I've found that this is literally the biggest breakthrough in health supplements... EVER.

The scientific information to the left pretty well displays the truth of the situation: That this is the most nutrient-dense substance on the planet. If I were trapped on a desert island, and could only bring one food, this would be IT.

We're still in the earlier stages of testing, but the results are pretty remarkable. Energy increases, better sleep, clearer thought processes, improved mood, are very common comments. We have tests going on cholesterol levels and weight loss as well. Stay tuned for the results of those tests!

By the way, the best source for the juice is a company called Freelife. I've tried their product and it's really great. You can order it by clicking HERE.

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